Socks Women Running Long Tube Compression Socks


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Protected parts: Ankle, calf, foot

Body material: Nylon

: Long tube compression socks

Applicable people: Adults

Applicable scenarios: Running sports, hiking, hiking, camping, shooting sports, cycling sports, ice and snow sports, fitness and body, extreme challenges

: Black and blue S, black and blue M, black and blue L, black and blue XL

Product material
: 90% nylon 10% spandex


1. Step gradient pressure design: The calf is from top to bottom, and the step generates 20-30mmHg pressure to fix the leg muscles.

2. Breathable mesh weaving process: Breathable mesh on the instep, double speeding up the ventilation.

3. Super elastic material: It adopts elastic material with high resilience rate to maintain comfortable pressure, will not strangle the legs, and will not deform after repeated wearing.

4. Terry sole process: the soles, ankles, and toes are treated with terry loops to ensure that the exercise footsteps are comfortable enough and the toes will not be worn.

1. Improve running performance: By squeezing blood vessels, more blood and oxygen can be delivered to the muscles, so that oxygen and energy substances can enter the muscles faster. Helps excrete metabolic waste and carbon dioxide from muscles faster.

2. Reduce muscle pain caused by running: By giving muscle support, fix the calf muscles to prevent shaking during exercise and reduce muscle soreness.

3. Accelerate the recovery of fatigue caused by exercise: By accelerating blood flow, removing metabolic waste, and timely introducing the substances needed for muscle repair and reconstruction, the effect of rapid repair without fatigue is achieved.

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    Weight 0.11 kg
    Dimensions 250 × 300 × 40 cm

    L, M, S, XL


    Black blue